Multiple Teams, One Focus: Customer Satisfaction

Customers form the foundation of our success. Be it customization, on-time deliveries or introducing innovative products, a committed workforce comprising of experienced top management, expert technicians and support staff work together to ensure the successful completion of any project.

The core team at the forefront of customer interface comprises of seasoned marketing and production veterans with international experience. The team brings their combined expertise to the table, with an accent on innovation, to strategize on how best to showcase your product. Meet our team of Customer Champions!.

George John  Executive Director

George John
Executive Director

“Perfection begins with self!” avers George. With 37 years in the printing industry, he has gained vast experience handling Printing and Packaging requirements of a client base that covers Airlines and Hotel Industries and specialist requirements of Advertising Agencies and the Home Furnishings Sector, in the Middle East and Africa. Always on the look out for international trends, he emphasizes all jobs measuring up to international standards.
Sujit R.Vaidya  Group CEO

Sujit R.Vaidya
Group CEO

“Redefine Conventions – break all boundaries!” urges Sujit. With 28 years in the printing industry, he has worked extensively with the FMCG industry. His passion for R&D and out of the ‘box’ thinking has resulted in outstanding Promotional Packaging designs. Be it in optimizing costs by using non-traditional substrates or introducing innovative designs, he is always pushing the boundaries of conventional printing and packaging successfully.
Shaji Thajudeen  Marketing Manager

Shaji Thajudeen
Marketing Manager

“Try something different every day,” declares Shaji. Working in the printing industry for the past 18 years, he has handled projects from the Government sector and advertising agencies and has done extensive work on Printing for special occassions and Premium packaging for Fragrances. His quest to ‘try something new’ has lead to some very distinctive work in Bespoke Printing.
Sunder N. Ayyar  Client Service Manager

Sunder N. Ayyar
Client Service Manager

“Building relationships is the key to better business,” sums up Sunder, who has a combined experience of 16 years, working in the Hotel and Printing industries. He has worked with FMCG printing and packaging, particularly, healthcare and oralcare clients. In addition, his experience helps him in handling the specialist requirements of liquid beverage clients and leisure segment promotions.
Bijoy Joseph  Client Service Manager

Bijoy Joseph
Client Service Manager

“Keep innovating!” is the mantra of Bijoy, who has a combined experience of 15 years in the graphics designing and printing industry. He has handled clients from the Pharma, Cosmetics and FMCG sectors. He translates his expertise on creating impactful visual identity to help clients in skincare product packaging and premium packaging.
Niyaz M. Ali Business Development Manager

Niyaz M. Ali
Business Development Manager

“Think Big!” motivates Niyaz. His 15 years of experience covers specialized printing requirements of Banking and Financial Institutions, FMCG and Petroleum companies. Be it working on POS materials for FMCGs or Promotions for a Hotel Chain, his meticulous attention to detail and looking at the bigger picture, ensures that any printing project, however the size, creates a big impact.